There Were Those Who Saw This Coming

There were people who saw the Amaro debacle unfolding well before the results of his incompetence and arrogance would become clear to the rest of the world.

From September 9, 2011

“LaMar requested a meeting with Amaro. Fellow assistant to the GM Benny Looper rode shotgun. So you knew right away the subject involved the minor league organization. Chuck got right to the point, which is his style.

“He said, ‘I think our six affiliates have done a helluva job this season, considering we lost three of our top-five-rated prospects in the deal for Pence. The loss of Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Singleton weakened a Clearwater team that had a playoff shot right to the final weekend. The loss of Domingo Santana, our most promising Latin position player since Juan Samuel, weakened the middle of the Lakewood order. Williamsport made a strong run at the postseason despite a young team that probably overachieved. The veteran players we signed helped Ryne Sandberg make the playoffs at Lehigh Valley and Reading was a pleasant surprise . . . ‘

“Then he dropped the hammer . . . Chuck said, ‘I expect to lose top prospects the way the big club is structured right now. That’s my job. Develop ’em and wave ’em goodbye. But we have been shot at and hit two straight years. It’s also my job to see we draft and sign players who can sustain us at the high level we’ve been at during this great run. But the well is dry, gentlemen. My bonus budget this year was just $5 million. We can’t compete with aggressive clubs that are spending three times that. We failed to sign a number of late-round picks with college commitments because we could not pay enough over slot. We’re not even competing with the Pirates or Nationals, and in a few years the talent coming into our division is going to bite us in the butt .

The man friggin’ nailed it. He absolutely nailed it. It took 2 1/2 years but the fetid wreckage of Ruben’s mindless compulsive gambling is now clear to everybody.  Equally clear is that clueless fat cat Phillies owners like it this way.  They’ll soon be able to go back to the old Phillies way. Cut player payrolls to the bone and bank the TV money while the Phillies write off their fan base, maybe this time forever.

What a goddam disgrace.

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