They Made Me Do It

Originally posted September 2013. Please Don’t Make Me Do It

Please don’t make me do it.

You should fire Ruben Amaro and David Montgomery and bring in proven baseball winners to run the organization. The country club management of Maitre d’ Montgomery must end.

I know you have that big TV contract coming up so you’ll probably make money even if the team sucks.  But have some pride in the product you put on the field.  Stop accepting the excuses and blame shifting of failed management by old boy collegiality.

Remember the courage of Chuck LaMar, who told you the truth and quit in protest. That’s the kind of stand up leadership the Phillies need now–someone who won’t make excuses, won’t compulsively gamble away the organization’s future, then double down on failed bets.

For now this site will sit dormant. If positive change is not forthcoming,  all Phillies fans will be invited to come and discuss how we can make the difference that’s needed to encourage Phillies owners to build a solid organization that will produce consistent winning baseball that fans can enjoy and support every year.   You’d make even more money and be seen as community heroes once again.

One thought on “They Made Me Do It

  1. The problem with the Phillies organization and has been for a long time is the ownership,they give jobs to all the old Phillies players Coaches who have no sign on how to run an organization, the bowa’s , dallas greens, ect. bank then forward your time with the organization and Bid them farewell. the only way they can be contenders again is, 1- fire all scouts and coaches in the whole minor league system, 2-instead of signing mediocre old free agents is to raid the Cardinals the Braves and the Marlins organizations for the best talent evaluators and instructional coaches..offer them 5 million dollars a year each and they will jump at the three or four years we can be contenders again,,nuff said

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