Suburban Zip Code Attends Game

The attendance at Thursday night’s game was 19,047. That’s Langhorne’s Zip Code.

The population of that zip code is around 35,000. I’m sure Phillies brass would have been thrilled with attendance like that. With the zip code itself, not so much.

By the way, I heard the attendance from the press box PA in the radio broadcast background. Never heard Franzke announce it. Orders from above?

They should be embarrassed.


One thought on “Suburban Zip Code Attends Game

  1. Sandberg has the team playing well at the outset. It’s a credit to him, given the impossible situation he must deal with, including Amaro telling him who to play, and a credit to the character of the players. But rather than get my hopes up, let’s see where we are in June.

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